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networking - Routing traffic with TUN/TAP interface 1. Routing is a Layer 3 (IP) problem and handled by the OS. As for the Ethernet frames on Layer 2, you have multiple options. In any case, you'll have to parse the incoming packets' headers and extract the MAC address, and decide based on the MAC where to pass the packet: To a specific client, all clients (broadcasts) or the local tap interface. [SOLVED] Routing All Traffic Through Remote VPN - Cisco Jan 17, 2019

Azure VPN Gateway: About P2S routing | Microsoft Docs

GitHub - Xentrk/x3mRouting: Selectively route LAN clients The "dummy" VPN Client entry in the routing client traffic tables solves the problem. If this condition is encountered, a warning message will be displayed. If you delete a LAN Client entry in the policy routing table, then add another LAN Client entry before applying the change, the IPSET lists in the policy routing table will disappear when

Hello Community, i have setup sucessfully my VPN L2TP in Unifi USG and Controller 5.5.19. Everything is working fine, but my problem is, how to route the VPN LAN (which is now 192.168.3.xxx) to my home LAN (which is 192.168.2.xxx). I have tried with the routing rules but it is not working. Is there

Traffic not passing through the site-to-site VPN tunnel