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Avast detects URL:MAL when opening firefox.No issue with I tracked it to the no script addon, after removing it, the issue disappear regardless of proxy config settings. I am now running in depth virus scans to see if I can get rid of the actual cause. P.S: If I re-install no script problem is back, as far as I can see I have an infection that is exploiting a vulnerability in this addon, which is NoScript für Chrome veröffentlicht: Beliebtes … Mit der Browser-Erweiterung NoScript schützen Sie jetzt nicht mehr nur Firefox, sondern auch Google Chrome: Das Add-on erlaubt viele Plug-ins und Skripte auf Webseiten nur dann, wenn Sie diese Beginner Guide for Greasemonkey Scripts in Google Chrome 2016-9-4 · Here’s how you can use any user script in Google Chrome with only 3 clicks. Chrome treats each user script as an individual addon so you can easily manage and remove them. Let’s see how Greasemonkey scripts work in Google Chrome. Install Greasemonkey Scripts in Chrome. firefox-addon · GitHub Topics · GitHub

Jul 04, 2014 · Hmm, file:// links open just fine here, in latest Chrome. No extra extensions or settings used. Files natively supported by Chrome (like mp3 files) open via Chrome's internal player, while other files attempt to download.

Controlling the Script and name: By default, Chrome installs scripts in the Extensions folder 1, full of cryptic names and version numbers. And, if you try to manually add a script under this folder tree, it will be wiped the next time Chrome restarts. To control the directories and filenames to something more meaningful, you can: HiI have a chrome Extension of Symantec DLP product as .CRX file.Where i can drag and drop to chrome for adding extension seems its user based.Anyway to custom and create package to add this extension Jan 11, 2019 · The script is intended to be used with tampermonkey or greasemonkey addon on Discord for browser. This script play with the DOM of the document, checking on modifying element on the client side before beeing sended to the server. The script is pure Javascript, no external librairies are loaded Hey all! I have started using scripts and I have compiled a list that work with Chrome! (Currently Dev Version I will continue to update it, but it is a preliminary list.

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Tried many suggestion, going into terminal and modifying chrome start script. Finally got the audio with Chrome by going back with all default and simply go into the Chrome Add-On Configuration page : 1) Enabled "Use Custom Audio Device" 2) -Audio Device : plughw:0,3. Card0 and device 3 was my hdmi output from my NUC7CPYH May 29, 2019 · But Chrome is teh securest! This is a good point - and not the point. I've written about this too, a long time ago. For me, the primary purpose of Noscript isn't security. It's the peace and quiet. Instead of waiting seconds for bloated sites to load, you get instantaneous text-and-images stuff, no frill. Click the X in the top corner of the Chrome window. Open the task tray in the bottom right corner of the screen by clicking the up arrow, and check the tray for a Google Chrome icon. If it isn't there, you can move on to the fixes. Right-click on the Chrome logo and click Let Google Chrome Run in the background. This should remove the icon and Install Java For Chrome on MacOs and Linux Tab IT plugin doesn’t support MacOs and Linux, that’s why we gonna use Test IE plugin . The problem is you have to pay , but they give you a free trial to test. Inline Script. Up until Chrome 45, there was no mechanism for relaxing the restriction against executing inline JavaScript. In particular, setting a script policy that includes 'unsafe-inline' will have no effect. As of Chrome 46, inline scripts can be allowed by specifying the base64-encoded hash of the source code in the policy.