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Oct 24, 2017 · You cannot close online. If you have a prepaid account, just turn off auto pay and stop refilling the account. If you have a postpaid Account, you must call ATT and request they cancel all lines and close your account. Please turn off all devices and or remove SIM cards. You should receive one final bill for a full month of service. Guys, can you please update your delete account warning to warn that you woundn’t be able to recreate it again. I’ve just wanted to reset my account and start from scratch after some tests with tit and deleted it never realizing that I wouldn’t be able to recreate it again.

Locate the User ID with the email account you are deleting. Click Delete email. Result: A pop-up window displays with a message that once the email account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Click Delete Email Account. Result: A green confirmation message displays. Your Cox Emaill address is no longer accessible to send or receive email.

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Mar 27, 2020

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