Azure VPN Client is a Microsoft Windows application to connect to Azure Virtual Networks via P2S VPN Gateways. By default, Azure VPN Client works with Azure AD. To get started, sign up for Azure VPN Client using an account in your instance of Azure AD.

VPN connection azure - How to access the internet using Feb 24, 2017 Configuring IKEv2 IPsec VPN for Microsoft Azure Environment Feb 07, 2019 How I Created a Palo Alto and Azure Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Fuel member Oneil Matlock has recently become responsible for administrating network firewalls. In an effort to test and train himself without affecting my work environment, he installed the Palo Alto 200 device in his home network environment. Since then, he has been able to test many situations and became interested in creating a site-to-site IPsec tunnel from his Palo Alto 200 device and Azure.

Sep 09, 2018 · Local Gateway – Enter the public IP address the Azure VPN Gateway is connecting to, or use if you are using a dynamic IP address Network Address – Enter your local on-premise networks and click Add. Configure the Remote Network settings: Remote Gateway – Enter the Gateway IP Address of the Azure VPN Gateway in Step 2.

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This is more workaround rather than using the VPN gateway. You can try setting up a VPN server with NAT on your VM, allow the VM IP address on Azure SQL, and then your developers will connect to the VPN server on the VM. The NAT will trick Azure SQL to think that the clients are the VM.

Jun 30, 2016 Steps to create Point-to-Site VPN using Azure Portal